Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Preparing for Art Camp

Bible art camp is next week and we have been practicing. There's something about "hosting" a camp on a subject matter that you know nothing about, that has me a little nervous...even if my participants are all under the age of 8. I have never taken an art class before in my life, I just love art and I love creating pretty things; so I am considering myself "qualified" to host such a gathering.

I have never used oil paints before, so the girls and I thought we would give it shot yesterday. Guess what...oils are messy. We were trying out Alla Prima painting, so I was constantly saying "it's okay, keep moving, it doesn't have to be perfect, stop complaining, it's supposed to be impressionistic, you have paint all over your face but it's okay, if you complain one more time you are kicked out of art camp"...stuff like that. I figure that if I am the one in charge at "pretend" art camp, I can also be the one to pretend to have the authority to kick out the whiners.

When oil paint practice was complete we had all learned a lot, most importantly that we might not use oil paints. I am still fine tuning the weeks projects, but I think it's gonna be a fun week. If only Molly Courcelle would come and teach the class! Molly, you and I were meant to be best friends in real life...I just know it!



Jemsmom said...

You are going to rock it! You have a great talent in art and in patience!!! Oils are very difficult to work with, but look at those beautiful pieces! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

emily said...

The girls are so excited about this! Suddenly, I wish I were 6 and could come to your cool art camp. Can I be you when I grow up?

Ann-Marie B. said...

I love that you are doing this and not worrying about "formal training"! I'm so over having to be an "expert". What a blessing this will be for your children and the others. You know they'll always remember it.


Katie said...

Those look really good. Especially for your first time using oil paints.

sassy seamstress said...

Love your subject for this practice :)

SMMART ideas said...

Just wondering if you could give me a quick outline of what your "curriculum" was for your art camp. I think I'd be interested in trying that for my girls and their friends. How many hours each day and what projects did you accomplish? Thanks!

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