Monday, June 21, 2010

25 years and counting

We celebrated 25 years of marriage with my mom and step dad over the weekend. I still remember their wedding day. They were young and in love and blending two families together, two families with small children...few things in life are as daunting. But here they are 25 years later still very much in love with one another, and here all of us are 25 years later having been very blessed by their marriage. These two have loved one another (and all of their children) well over the years. The world could use a few more parents like them. Happy anniversary you two! We adore you more than words!




ntignor said...

Thanks for those sweet words Amy. It has been a blessing to Dickey and me to have you all as our children. What a fun week end, just missed Geof, Josh and Kami but the rest was just great. Thank you all for everything you did, it will always be remembered. Love to ALL!!

sara said...

What a wonderful milestone - congratulations to your mom and step-dad!

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