Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seeing the mundane for lovely

This is what we did every morning at 7:30 am all year. I loaded my three kids into the car, picked up 4 more kids, and headed to school. We not only maximized the car capacity, but also Thomas' patience for being surrounded by little girls climbing over his head. I recorded our last trip together in the car because anything that you spend this much time doing, is worthy of recording. There is something about seeing it through a lens instead of my own eyes, that changes my perspective of it just enough to humble me. What a privilege it was every morning, a privilege that most days I didn't notice.

I caught a few things in this video that I am thrilled to have captured. One is Ella smacking her brother with her bag of silly band bracelets. No wonder I have taken away her bracelets, and no wonder Thomas cried every morning as the herd of children climbed over top of him. He would start crying each day as we pulled into the parking lot of the school. Thomas was just like one of Pavlov's dogs, conditioned to what was about to take place. But secondly, one of the children in my carpool said something that I didn't even hear that day, but caught when I was watching the video. She said "I love this part of the day, for some reason it just makes me feel good". I wonder what it was that made her so happy. To me, it was so often just the routine. Load them up, drive them there, drop them off. But there must have been something happening in between the repetitiveness that made it special.

God is so often in the unseen. There is plenty of the beauty of God in all that we see around us, but oh how much grace and love and majesty there is in the unseen. I love it when I see him in the unseen, when I wasn't really expecting him or looking for him. He makes the mundane lovely, and I don't want to ever miss the lovely.

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Catherine said...

ok, this is just hi.lar.ri.ous. How cute are they! How much fun....even though in the mist of this every single morning, I'm sure it can get stressful! Poor baby....he's just strapped in and how frustrating that must be to be "tied down". :) Love that you shared this!

My Bright Corner said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this. So *lucky, lucky* to be a Mom {with a FANTASTIC Southern accent--I'm missing my roots!!}.

Jill said...

You said "Y'all!" Hee-hee! What a cute video. You're going to be so happy you have that when they get older. I wish so much that I had videos from when I was little. Especially of those everyday moments that are now such precious memories.

Amy said...

Beautiful! Love that you recorded this - such precious time. And when your tiny guy is a strapping teenage lad, you are all going to wet yourselves laughing at this. Enjoy the holidays!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Such a precious group of children. Sometimes we DO get a bit too busy, too wrapped up in the day but such an awesome job you did of capturing the moment of chaos, fun, love, and sweetness! Thanks for sharing.

I'm having a WEDDING BLOG PARTY on June 25th (my first ever to hostess!) so please stop by if you are interested and read about it ~ I'd love to have you join us! And there will be a sweet giveaway, too!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Lauren said...

So adorable! I'm right there with you! Hooray for summer vacay...and a break from morning carpool! :)

sara said...

What a fun little video, so happy you were able to catch this routine on camera! Poor little Thomas - between the silly band bracelets and the little girls climbing over him, I bet he is happy for school to be over and for summer to be here! :)

Boy Crazy said...

"for some reason it just makes me feel good."

what a compliment! To me, in my role as mother, creating an environment in which children feel good and safe and happy is the most important and rewarding thing.


Ann-Marie Boyles said...

What a sweet video and a beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing.

Southern Gal said...

I love vlogging! Such a neat picture in the life of everyday.

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