Friday, June 18, 2010

Fourth Day Redemption

The fourth and final day of art camp came with redemption. The mosaics are most certainly my favorite pieces that the children created. They were worth the work, and the boredom. We learned of God's watchful eye over everything, and if he watches over the sparrow, then how much more closely does he watch over us. This last day of camp was spent creating birds on top of the mosaic backdrop that we had completed the day before. They really did turn out beautifully.

Our last project was an attempt at alla prima painting. Our art inspiration came from Jesus' parable of the four soils. We painted a vase of flowers, using brushes and palette knives. This was the kind of instant gratification the kids needed after the endurance required for the mosaics.

On the first day of camp, they picked out fabric for a flower. On the last day of camp, my high school assistants finally assembled the flowers. Everyone was able to leave with one...Even the boy...And all the beauties...Here are my high school assistants that I have so come to rely on over the past three years. They help my life run smoother (most of the time), and they saved me this week in art camp!
What a week. What a privilege.



Michelle said...

Too fun! I can't wait to make these projects and share these lessons with my two. Thanks for sharing. What a blessing your camp has-

Rebekah said...

Will you post a list of materials you used for each project soon? That would be awesome!!!

Jemsmom said...

Too cute!! I know the kids had so much fun and their projects are just beautiful. You did a great job! I love the picture of Thomas with his "girls". He is the ladies man!

Janine said...

Well done Amy! Such awesome pieces of art. The mosaics were so stunning. So beautiful how the Word of God can inspire creativity in our little ones when we open it up to them. So glad I found your post. It has given me some lovely ideas for my girls and childrens church too.

Jewel said...

Wow, you did a great job. Love the mosaic bird pictures! Love the flowers. Love that your high school girls helped:) You know what? In my morning devotions I just read Matthew 13, the parable about the different soils. Weird;)

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