Monday, October 19, 2009

Who needs tile?

When we finished remodeling our kitchen, my husband wanted to install tile as our back splash. Though I do love the look of tile, I wanted to try something a little different. Royal Designs Studios offers many beautiful stencils that can add a lot of elegance to a room, for a lot less money than the cost of tile. I chose this damask pattern stencil and simply repeated it twice. These stencils come with instructions and recommendations for how to apply paint or product with the stencil. The process from start to finish took about an hour for me to apply the pattern to the wall. I later sealed the finish with a wax (so that the surface would be washable) though this is not a necessary step.

I love the look and my husband loved the price!



Sarah said...

Very creative...well done xxx

HouseMama said...

What a perfect, elegant backsplash - I love it!

Anonymous said...

love how it looks aged/weathered... nicely done!

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