Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bathroom inspiration from a necklace?

Everyone wears scarves in France, except I don't think they call them scarves. These were in a store in Montmartre and I could not help but take their picture. I didn't buy one though and I wish I had. I did however buy this necklace below and I love it. I wish I could wear it everyday but unfortunately Thomas loves it too, so I have to limit its wear. So now that I have this new obsession with French stuff, I can tell that the colors of my home are going to begin to change as well. So take this necklace for example. Can a necklace inspire a bathroom remodel? Hmmm..I think yes. My husband says I'm nuts, but I think I can win him over.

I haven't talked much about the fact that I am a pretend faux finisher...I guess you could say I am "faux, faux finisher" (I am laughing at my own joke right now...where are my sisters, they would think that was funny). I have taken a few classes from someone locally who is the real deal. She's awesome and fabulous and does everything right and makes like a million dollars a year, and she totally rolls her eyes every time I walk in her store. She knows I am pretend and I just learn about this stuff for the fun of it all. Anyways, I digress, I have been busy all weekend doing my sample boards trying to come up with the perfect finish for my 'currently under construction master bathroom'. After a lot of frustration and studying of my product manual, I think I've got it.

So please stay tuned...maybe in about a week I can do a reveal post. I love this necklace!



Melanie said...

My parents and two younger sisters lived in France for a couple years. I spent about 5 months over there one summer, and I just loved it.

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