Saturday, October 24, 2009

Team T

I have never thrown a birthday party for a little boy. Up until Thomas' arrival, we have been all about pink and tulle and princess crowns and glitter. All girl. Then this little bundle of boy arrived and threw us for a loop. Here are some pics from the little man's party...a "Team T" party. We all wore our "Team T' jerseys, and all of our numbers were the same, "1". I know, I'm weird. My sassy seamstress friend (who is a better friend than I am) stayed up with me until midnight sewing these awesome shirts...did I say that she is a good friend? She is a good friend!
Oh the curls!

We all had shirts.

Seriously, the tights!

How many mother's does one boy need?

One year down....

We love our little man!



sassy seamstress said...

you forgot to mention that i was also your personal photographer for this party!!!

on a serious note, you are indeed a good friend. i know that i can always count on you.

Sarah said...

Hi Amy...happy 1st birthday to your little man, what very delightful pictures of your gorgeous family! Have a fantastic weekend! xxx

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