Sunday, October 4, 2009

In obedience to The Nester

Okay, so after reading The Nester's blog, I have decided I have been taking myself entirely too seriously know, with the whole Normandy, being away from the kids too long, Caroline drama, etc. So today I will post about the random ways I often decorate, and as a result reveal a little bit of the insanity I've got going on.

These are two pictures I painted on craft paper, with my daughter's paints, and then stuck in two frames that I already had and hung them above the toilet in the girl's bathroom. Yes, I free handed the pictures, they were the easiest things in the world to draw, and yes I totally saw them somewhere else for like a million dollars and copied it. I will also tell you that one of my best investments has been a $25 overhead projector I bought on ebay...for all those projects I do not want to freehand! Please also notice the stripes behind the pictures. I painted those beauties one afternoon with my 1 year old on my hip, I was determined! If you ever come to my house, don't measure them, they are not even. To make it even more embarrassing, I used the sample paints from Sherwin Williams because they were so cheap (I thought I was beating the system), and found out later it is pretend paint and will eventually peel off the walls...oh well, 2 years later it is still there.

This is the focal point in Thomas' room, a picture that Ella colored. I LOVE this picture! Please notice the baby in my stomach, I will keep this framed picture somewhere in my house as long as I live!

This was a canvas painting of something ugly, so I painted the whole thing white and then let the girls put their hand prints all over it. This is GREAT playroom decor!

Here is my solution to the overwhelming amount of artwork that comes home from school everyday. It spends a few days or weeks on this board (which I made with leftover fabric) before heading upstairs to a hidden box that is underneath the girl's beds. This board hangs in our laundry room/mudroom.

There you have it, a few ideas of whimsical decorating, that I have copied from someone else along the way. I must admit it is some of my favorite stuff. I am loving this series that The Nester is doing, if you don't know what I am talking about, buzz on over to her world. She will make you want to start nesting too!



emily said...

Ok. The sample paint is pretend?! I never would have known that. And I can so relate to the stripe madness: my sister, The Man and I madly painted stripes in the twins nursery when I was seven months pregnant with them. I was insane. And determined. I loved those stripes...

Anonymous said...

Love the handprints. Great idea for my oldest daughter now that she is growing her family.

Jessica Morris said...

I love Ella's picture!! I would keep it around forever too - maybe give it to her as a wedding gift waaaaaayyyyy down the road :)

My 2 year old has drawn a couple pictures that I have hung up. I can't wait til his art isn't so abstract!! I love children's art!!

Reborn said...

I love all of these! And if someone had the audacity to come to your house and MEASURE your stripes, they DESERVE to find some unevenness... LOL!

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