Thursday, October 1, 2009

Refocused Attention

Ever had a week you really wanted to hurry up and end already; and then you hear the voice of the One who is in control tell you to open your eyes and notice the gifts that have been given in that very moment? I love that voice of reason, that voice that is not rattled by confusion, that voice that is not controlled by emotion, that voice that sees the heart. It is the voice of the One that doesn't miss anything and yet still overflows with grace and love. It is the voice of the One that sits on His throne and completes brokenness...and aren't we a broken people!

I have been so distracted this week, and this is the voice I heard refocus my attention on the real dilemma I needed to be concerned with this week. "Should I be the Little Mermaid for Halloween or Super girl?" Caroline is really struggling, rather I should say she is obsessing. It is such a tough decision and there are pros and cons to each, ones that we have gone over and over and over. Super girl saves people and she has a cool outfit, but the Little Mermaid is really nice to people and has pretty seashells. Super girl is "like, all grown up and kind of a big kid" and the Little Mermaid "has hair that kind of stays back out of her face". If she is Super girl, she will match her big sister and baby brother, and if she is the Little Mermaid "that would be nice because the Little Mermaid is kind of sad because her daddy is mean". Oh how I love the struggles of a four year old. I think I am going to prefer them to the struggles of a sixteen year old. I think I am going to look back at this moment and wish I had not wished it away. I love the way that voice reminds us to love the moment we have, and in all things to give thanks. Anyone else had one of those moments?



ntignor said...

Yes, cherish those moments, they go by too fast. I remember a little girl that wanted to be a good witch not a bad witch, her Dad won out with the bad witch (makeup) and it was not a great Halloween! Let her be whatever she wants because when she's 16 you will wish you had, I do!

sassy seamstress said...

she's going to be awesome no matter what she chooses!

Sandy Toes said...

Thank you for stopping by...beautiful blog here.
Sandy Toes

melissa said...

that's great! i've been trying to convince mine to be a theme and all dress together...we'll see how that goes.

thanks for stopping by, and yes, i do remember!!! good to see you're in the blogosphere!! ;)

emily said...

Girl, I'm there right now! In the almost middle of an unfocused week...but reading all these sweet blessings from the Tuesday girls...I am just loving it. Thanks for linking up and sharing your perspective. I love how those little girl voices can bring us back to the present with their wee emergencies.

Traci Michele said...

You blog is simply breathtaking! It is so nice to meet you. I am now one of your new friendly followers!

Love your sister in Christ,

Dawn said...

a moment? or a lifetime? maybe both! but i am ever so thankful for that One... and His voice calling to me.

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