Thursday, October 15, 2009

One year into an adventure

How can one year go by so fast? Ella told our carpool this morning that Thomas was the most expensive birthday present her daddy had ever gotten; and it's true, he was. Thomas' birthday is one day after his dad's birthday. What a gift he has been. I can't think of a better word that describes him. A gift. A precious gift. Don't get me wrong, he is rotten as can be... into everything, often slapping at someone to get out of his face, usually stinky, frequently climbing, restless in my arms, but edible in every way all at the same time. A gift wrapped up in blue. And oh the curls, did I mention curls, we've got lots of blond locks. Dimples too. All the things that make a mother's heart go pitter pat (and his sister's hearts). Our boy is one year old now. Though there are no more infant gowns and bottles, there are lots of little boy toys like trucks and tools, things that I can already tell he is naturally drawn to. I watched him sit on the floor with his sister yesterday and push a matchbox car across the kitchen floor. How does he know how to do that? Just instinct I guess.

Instead of wishing that baby boy back into my arms, I am choosing to be excited about the future of a big boy. Excited about dirt, trucks, baseball caps, lizards and frogs...all the things that make a little boy, a little boy. It doesn't matter how big he gets, he still will always be my baby.



Anonymous said...

He's a cutie, that's for sure.

He will always be your baby, even when he is an adult. That never changes no matter how big they get.

Richella said...

Yes. Yes, he will always be your baby. No matter how big he gets.

And believe me, he might get really big. :)

What an adorable boy. What a blessed mama. Congratulations.

Liz Barnett said...

Can't wait for this little one to join in the adventures. I have a feeling they will be partners in crime :)

Traci Michele said...

This is very close to my heart... I have a 9 month old little boy... he will be one soon... can't believe it!


sassy seamstress said...

don't cut the curls...don't do it!

Sarah said...

Hey Amy...what a gorgeous blog you have here! I'm Sarah from Victoria, Australia and I followed you here from Edie's blog Life in Grace! I'm following you now because your blog is very impressive...looking forward to coming back and reading more of your posts soon!

Cheers, xxx

Anonymous said...

I like the sweater you have on, would you mind sharing where you found it?

Playing Sublimely said...

Hey Leslie,
BCBG was practically free :)! Glad you liked it!

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