Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Since they are not being used to grow tomatoes...

Dear Ella,

If anyone ever asks me to give them an example of why I love you like I do, I am going to show them these pictures. While cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I looked out the back windows and saw you carefully creeping up behind a bunny carrying one of my tomato cages. Your plan was obviously to catch the rabbit with this impressive idea I must admit. I dropped what I had in my hands and grabbed my camera.

Over the next 30 minutes, I followed you and Caroline around the back yard, and then the neighbors front yard, then the neighbors back yard while you guys chased that rabbit; which by the way seemed to really care less that it was being hunted. The little guy certainly had many opportunities to run into the bushes and hide, but it never did. It simply kept you at a safe 3 foot distance. I think it kind of liked the game you were playing. You would direct Caroline and show her where to stand and at what time she needed to throw the lettuce at the bunny. You thought it was like a dog and anticipated the rabbit to leap into the air and catch the lettuce.

You never caught your rabbit, however I am happy to report that you have 3 traps set up in the back yard right now. All involving tomato cages, lettuce and even a soccer ball. You rock Ella...I love you!


sassy seamstress said...

NEVER a dull moment with that girl! Love her!

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