Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Life and Death of a Candle

This is all I have left. It turns out that will not be making my candles anymore. Would you like to know why....oil prices. Yep, the cost of oil has driven my beloved candles out of production. They are a petroleum based candle apparently, and the company can no longer afford to make them for the rock bottom price of $5. They told me that I could buy their new ones that are soy thanks. I am sorry to inform, but though soy may be saving the environment, it is not saving the beauty of my home. Painting on a soy candle is not an option...too slick, too shiny...not an option! I begged them to make just one more batch for me. I told the lady I would buy a huge order if that meant they would turn on the candle machine one more time, she said I would have to order at least 2,000. I asked the cute carpenter and he said no and that I should start getting over this....I can't get over this. It's the end of an era!

These candles were fabulous. They were pretty, their scents were awesome, monograms looked gorgeous on them and they were so cheap! I loved painting these candles, and a great little local shop loved selling them for me! They were wonderful, personal gifts and I am just so sad that their existence has come to an end.

So now I am rationing. If it turns out that you end up getting one of these candles as a gift from me, please know that I must really, really like you. Because these beauties have to last me a lifetime now.


sassy seamstress said...

aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! GGGAAAASSSPPPP!!!!!! Do you have any of that chocolate brown left?

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