Thursday, July 9, 2009

Isn't that cute!

There is a store in South Caroline that I love to go into. It's the kind of store that you wish you lived in. I just want to plop myself down on a sofa (one that always has a sign saying "please do not sit") and have a cup of coffee. I just love stores like that! This place is that kind of store and I can't get enough of it.
Like many stores of this nature, it ain't cheap! So my new pattern is to go in and take mental pictures, and then go home and try to copy it. Easy enough...right? Well this time it actually worked. They had beautiful picture frames that I loved for OVER $50...who pays that??? So I went to my beloved Hobby Lobby and bought a simple, but very cute frame for $5 (it was 50% like they always are) and started working on it.

You will need:
- a picture frame (find one you already have ideally)
- a drill
- ribbon (preferably the kind with wire in it)
- some kind of decorative charm to attach to the ribbon
- thin wire
All you need to do is make a pretty bow with your ribbon and thin wire. Next, drill two very small holes in the top of the frame and then loop your wire through the holes to attach the ribbon. I attached my charm with a glue gun, but you could use the wire for that too if there was a place to hook the wire on the back of the charm. Stick a picture of a darling four year old in the frame and you are done. I spent $7 on my frame, but you could obviously do it for even cheaper if you use existing frames. What a great gift this would make!


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