Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tap shoes are always an option

Dear Caroline,

While walking out of our side door yesterday, I noticed something that made me smile. We have a mat at the door where you and Ella kick off your shoes when you come in the house, and it is subsequently the place we always go to find your shoes when trying to leave the house. The pile is always high, and that is what caught my attention yesterday. I was preparing my lungs to holler for you and Ella to come downstairs to carry all of your shoes to your bedroom when I saw one pair that was in your collection at the door. Tap shoes. I sat there and thought, "I wonder when she walked around town in those shoes". I love it that to you, tap shoes are a really strong contender in the many options that you have of what shoes to wear for the day. I think life would be simpler and so much happier if more people would consider tap shoes as they are getting dressed in the morning. You are always so carefree and joyful, and I have decided that it is because tap shoes are an option for you as you are getting ready to go out and brave the world everyday. Maybe that's what us adults are doing wrong, not fully absorbing the simple joys of life that God has put right in front of tap shoes. Certainly if more of us did, there would be a whole lot more smiling while walking around town. Who isn't in a good mood with tap shoes on their feet?

I love you Caroline!


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