Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's just a box!

To the lament of my husband, we do not have a garage, so most of his carpentry work happens on the back patio. Like we often have, there was left over material from when the cute craftsman had built the shutters, so naturally we wanted to do something with it. A couple Saturdays ago, he spent an afternoon outside on the patio building flower boxes. They were so easy to do, it's just a box...how hard can it be? The best part is, they hang up high and so I did the messiest paint job you have ever seen in your life and I bet you will never notice!

What a fun and charming touch! Now I have no idea how I actually intend on keeping these plants alive. The hubby says he will try to figure out some kind of watering system for them...in the meantime, he is my watering system. He is not happy about this and promises to put fake plants in them if these die, so I suppose that is enough motivation for me to figure something out.


sassy seamstress said...

i told him saturday how great these looked. and yes, i thought about the watering thing myself...having previous experience with 2nd floor window boxes. what about those little balls that you put water in and it automatically releases the water when the soil needs it. you probably wouldn't be able to see them from the road and you could just take the ball out and fill it with water as needed. just an idea. your cute carpenter did a great job!

P.S. delete the extra space if you don't use it :)

sassy seamstress said...

oh, and he looks especially pleased that you were taking pictures of him for the blog!

Kelly said...

Love these! I have my own "cute arpenter" who keeps busy building all the projects I come up with for him, and I was just saying that we need window boxes.

Your home is absolutely beautiful- I would love to see all the before and afters:-)

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