Tuesday, July 14, 2009

He is enough

Families. I wish I understood better the heart of God when He created them. I mean I understand a mother and father, a husband and a wife, I get that, I can wrap my brain around that concept. But what about the rest? What about all the extended family stuff. Why? I have a wonderful family, I really do, they are so much fun! And so many times, they have been the life line that God has thrown to me. But we are full of a lot of personality. We are all of course flawed, and a lot of flawed personalities put into one beach house for a week can get interesting. Now I am just laughing at myself....we are having a wonderful time and I love that God is giving me a chance for reflection.

Yesterday while sitting on the beach listening to Travis Cottrell sing "God is Great" and watching all of my beautiful nieces and nephews swim in the ocean, I got the urge to start thanking God for each of them. So one by one, I starting thanking God for the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them. Then I moved to the beach, at those relatives sitting in front of me, thanking God for them too.

We are all here for a reason. We are not the random, accidental creation of cells...but rather the intentional, deliberate placement of a Creator. So though I may not fully understand why God desires us to have these huge families, for now, I will choose to simply be grateful for mine. I will choose to sing right along with Travis that "God is great, sing His praise, all the earth, all the heavens, for we are living for the glory of your Name"....and that is enough. Quite frankly, its always enough and today I praise you Father once again that You are always enough.


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