Monday, February 1, 2010

We lived in here for 3 years

I've seen bigger bathrooms, that's for sure! This was the upstairs guest bathroom, that my husband and I used as our master bathroom for 3 (almost 4 years) until we finally moved downstairs into our new master bedroom and bathroom. The cute carpenter wanted to leave it untouched until we moved downstairs, he promised it wouldn't be that long...and now this many years later, I am glad I spruced it up a bit.

We did not do anything major in here, just removed the glass door in the shower and replaced it with a curved shower curtain rod (makes the shower seem much more roomy), took down wallpaper and painted (paint color is SW, Dublin Grey). The changes were all cosmetic, no major demolition, and I did them all myself...for the most part.

We replaced only the doors on the vanity. Cabinet Doors Depot has proven to be a great website for ordering new doors. They can custom make any size and there are a lot of choices, with lots of different price ranges. The doors can come finished or unfinished and provide an instant update, without the major cost of replacing an entire cabinet. I choose to paint the cabinet black and so I also painted that shutter / medicine cabinet thing black as well. Though a medicine cabinet dates the bathroom a bit, we desperately needed the space while we were both living up there, so we choose to keep it.

One of the nester's mistreatments. I sewed a rectangle, used a staple gun to attach it to a 2 x 4, and then used huge safety pins to gather it in the back. Done in 30 minutes.

One sink, two people, three years.

These things have a name, I just can't remember what it is. I found it at TJ Max and it is another awesome space saver. Our under the sink cabinet was totally packed (mainly with my hair equipment, I have a lot of big hair and a lot of equipment to tame it) so we needed somewhere else for our towels.

There you have it, minimal changes, big impact. See you on Wednesday.



duchess said...

That's a nice little bathroom. I love the color & I'm going to have to replace the shower curtain bar in the kids bathroom - those curved ones make the shower seem so much bigger.

Cha Cha said...

Oh girl this is a palace, you should see our master bath, it is a tiny. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post it's uglyness one day. We have plans of a remodel that will still space from somewhere else, but that is years away. Until then me use our tiny, sad bathroom.

Thanks for sharing love the wall color

Cha Cha

julie said...

wow amy! what a beautiful redo for such little time and money! i bet that was a change for you with all the big redos everywhere else in the house! i think i need one of those towel thingys in my bathroom! great job! i am hosting my very first giveaway! stop by for a visit!

Design A-Peele said...

Oh that's great! My husband and I actually just started going to another, smaller PCA church called Christchurch Suwanee. We felt like we needed a smaller church to grow and serve in. We've both gone to Perimeter for a very long time and LOVE it. But it was time to go somewhere where both our parents didn't go ;) If you ever come visit let me know!
Oh, and Aaron and his wife actually go to our new church. They are moving though, so sad. They just announched it on Sunday. Happy for them though!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I am enjoying reading about all of your home improvements. Don't those curved shower curtains make a huge difference? And they look like they belong in a hotel. Fun, fun.

Becca said...

Amy, that is SOOOOOO pretty !! I LOVE the paint color and may have to check that one out in person. I also love your mis-treatment (gotta love Nester's ideas!), and may end up doing something like that over our garden tub. Fun !! Thanks for sharing more of your gorgeous home. Take care, Becca

Sarah said...

Hey Amy...good work! A little touch can make a huge difference! I can appreciate your experience of being in a small space for my husband and twwo children (9 and 5) have been living in one of our B&B apartments for the last 4 and a half years while we have slowly been building our home upstairs! The apartment is open living and all our beds are right next to each other! Looking forward to the space upstairs! xxx

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and your comments on my client's bathroom! I always think it is amazing what can be done just to freshen up a space. I often recommmend the very things you did here to clients. Nice work!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Beautiful!!!! Now that's what I call a bathroom~

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