Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fighting Another Fight

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Sassy Seamstress, also a good friend of Amy, and I have given myself permission to do a guest post. You see I have been helping Amy enter into this blogging world and little does she know, this is how she is going to repay me! :)

You may have noticed that Amy hasn't posted in a while. Well that is because she is injured. You see, we had a playdate the other day at none other than Chick-Fil-A and something happened to Amy. It was something that truly would ONLY happen to Amy. I see her walking out of the play area with this little girl. My first thought was, "oh, that poor little girl. she must have gotten hurt. Amy is sweet to help her find her mommy." Then I hear this:

Amy: "Is this your daughter?"

Father (of sad child) "Yes."

Amy (with extremely sweet voice): "Oh, well, she has on my daughter's shoes and she won't take them off."

You would think that this man, like most parents, would've jumped up and said, "oh, i am so sorry." Nope! He just sat there. Then he finally utters these words:

Father: "Come on, sweetie. Let's sit down and eat something."

Amy (still smiling and being sweet): " Um, she has on my daughter's shoes."

Father: "Oh, I understand."

Ummm...apparently he didn't. If he had, he would've taken the shoes off, right? This is the part that gets even funnier. He then picks his daughter up (all the while kicking and screaming), and proceeds to point her feet at Amy as if to say "here, you take em off. I'm not getting kicked in the face". So, for the sake of some pretty pink glittery shoes, Amy then removes the shoes from the kicking feet...she may have even gotten the wind kicked out of her! I truly wish you could've seen my face. My chin was on the floor. All I can say is this oblivious dad is in for a real treat when his "little darling" (I use the term loosely) becomes a teenager.

It was fun guest posting on your blog. Love you, Amy. Oh, and I promise to never enter your blog without permission again!

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Playing Sublimely said...

The story needed to be told...I am glad you entered my blog without permission for the sake of sharing it...had you asked, I probably would have said no :)! But now that it is out there I am glad, it is good entertainment!

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