Monday, September 14, 2009

Caroline, Did you know...

Dear Caroline,

We have been searching for your CD for over a year now. By now, you really cannot even remember what the songs were on the CD, but you do know that you had a CD that has been lost. The CD is special because it sings your name in the songs. Every time we listen to Ella's CD, you ask where your CD is.

A little grace was poured out of the sky as we drove to your first day of preschool. We found the CD! Not only did we find it, but it was right in the center console of our car. This is impossible! We have looked there...many times! But behold, there it was, your "Caroline CD", just waiting to be played as I drove you to your first day. I believe with great certainty that God hid it from us until the perfect time, the time He knew we both would need it most.

And so we sang....

"Caroline, you're special, God wants you to know.
He will be with you, wherever you go.
When you get worried, or when you get sad,
He will cheer you up, and make you glad.

Caroline do you know, Jesus loves you?
24 hours a day, He's thinkin' of you.
Jesus is your friend, His love will never end.
Caroline do you know, Jesus loves you?"

I cried, you beamed, life was as it should be. God's specialty is blessing us when you least expect it. He is so good Caroline!




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