Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wedding

I have had a sick baby boy monopolizing all of my time over the past several days. Though I hate it when my little ones are sick, I cannot help but love that their sicknesses usually force them to finally stop! And when they stop, I take the opportunity to hold, because they do not like my holding and rocking them very often. So in the meantime, how 'bout you buzz on over here and here. Remember my college roommate that went and fell in love and then got married last summer? Her wedding has become quite the story in "wedding world". Style Me Pretty (you know, the "Ultimate Wedding Blog") featured her wedding and now the wedding magazine "Unveiled" has as well. She is on stands right now...can you deal with that?!? I bought my copy yesterday and made the lady at the check out in Target look at the picture. She thought I was weird. But it is kind of like knowing a celebrity...kind of.

photo: Millie Holloman Photography

Jessica's photographer was Millie Holloman Photography, and I have since fallen in love with their style. If you love photography, you will love their website.



Jill said...

That wedding was amazing! If Pottery Barn did a wedding issue, it would look like that...only I'm not even sure the designers at Pottery Barn could've come up with something this cool. By the way, that picture of you dancing with your cute carpenter is totally a "framer!"

Jemsmom said...

I think this is one of the most beautiful unique weddings that I have ever seen. The photography is beyond amazing. As I have tried to grow as a photographer, I have a whole new appreciation for wedding photographers. You have one shot and that is it!! I am in love with Millie Holloman and just poured over the website. Your friend is stunning and they look so happy! Jill is right. The picture of you and the carpenter is wonderful!

mimi said...

this wedding was fabulous.... gave me alot of good ideas for my daughters upcoming nuptials! thanks for sharing!

Sarah Howe said...

LOVE the photo!! oh how fun!

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