Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The randomness of it all

I cannot tell you how many times I sit to write at my computer and I think to myself "don't write about that, that just seems random". I generally never really know what my next blog post will be, I'm not organized and "together" like that. But then a new day comes with fresh thoughts and ideas and so I sit and type. Sometimes ideas come in the midst of a project with my husband and sometimes it is while I am doing my bible study. I am an emotional person and I tend to swing from one extreme thought to the other very quickly. This blog has so many times reflected that. I bounce around a lot around here, and in the spirit of keeping it real, I feel as though I should acknowledge that reality. This blog is indeed random. If you have ever cared enough to wonder if I am aware that I tend to be all over the place with my thoughts, the answer is yes. I am very well aware! This space has become a random snapshot of the days that are making up my life. It has evolved into something that I never expected it to, and I wonder if it will eventually become something I never thought it would.

Playing Sublimely has provided a safe place for me to write out my heart. The computer screen between you and I has become somewhat of a security blanket for me, for better or for worse. Any of my girlfriends would tell you, social interaction is not where I thrive...I tend to be guarded and a little awkward in social situations. It is not that I am different in real life than I am on this blog, it's just that here at my computer I have the freedom to express myself in my own way, and on my own time, as I type out my thoughts...a luxury we do not have in daily life, in face to face relationships.

So I guess what I am trying to say is "thank you". Thank you for being you! Thank you for visiting me here, for reading, and for commenting. Thank you for taking your precious time to listen. You have become a great friend.



Between You and Me said...

wish we could meet in real life one day.
love your blog!

Vanessa said...

I really relate to a lot of that Amy! Some people say they have 4 or 5 posts in their blog pipeline but I just don't seem to operate like that. Maybe it is my stage in life or my own "randomness" but I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel like I am more scattered in this season than ever before and yet when I sit down to write it just seems to all come into focus (For me at least! Maybe not so much for anyone who reads what I write!). Anyway, thanks so much for the random realness you offer as you share your life and your faith with us! :-)

jojo said...

I was so afraid that you were going to say that it's time to stop don't you go and do that! I may not comment very often but I do love visiting here. I gather much strength and faith through your words, his words. Random is good, in fact, I encourage it!

Jemsmom said...

Thank you for sharing all these bits of randomness! You have a gift of words and no matter what your posts are, they always seem to touch a piece of me! I am a totally random blogger, but that is what makes it mine! I like to think that I am living in the present and blog about what is important when it seems that so many are living to blog about it. I think you are a sincere, kind person with a wonderful heart. Those cute kids don't hurt at all either!!! Oh and you decorate like a professional! I still say I will pay you to come to Charleston!

MostlySunny said...

I don't think you said anything at all that I don't think about myself! Be random...we all wear so many hats in life, and when you sit down to post, whatever hat you wear--well, it comes out when it needs to! I think it is cathartic and I welcome it!!

I have enjoyed reading your blog-and LOVE reading your blog. It brings me peace.

smiles to you~

Julie said...

Great post! I love reading you blog and am always amazed at your wonderful writing, and how you write exactly how I feel and think. And by the way who said Randomness had to be a bad thing! I enjoy it and am always looking forward to your next post, whatever the topic may be. Have a blessed day!

Laura said...

It's hard for me to believe, Amy, that you're not just as vivacious in person as you are in print.

I always love coming here. Smiles to you!

Brittany said...

Amy, I am so right where you are. I have thought about writing so many times recently, but my thoughts have been so random that my perfectionism has gotten in the way and kept me from writing anything at all.

Keep doing what you're doing. Your words hit home with so many of us and really encourage us. I'm subscribed to your site in my reader, and the other day I actually had the thought that it had been a while since I had seen your site pop up with a new post, so I made a mental note that I needed to come on over and check it out - that's how much I enjoy your blog! Not that you should feel any pressure to always have something new for your readers, but just know you're missed.

Lastly, I can so relate to your words about how much more comfortable you feel being able to write your feelings than in social interactions. I think blogging has made my real life friends and I closer because it helps them to see a side of me that's hard to express in day-to-day life. Even my husband says he's learned more about me and how I feel about certain things and we've known each other for 11 years!

Kiersten Johnson said...

I think you deserve a thank you. Thank you for opening up and putting your thoughts on a computer screen. I look forward to every post to write and find some wisdom in each. You are beautiful on the outside as well as inside. So thank you for the wisdom that I crave and do not get in my own life.

june said...

Thankful to be your friend! Thanks for being mine!!!

BrandyC said...

Love your blog -- keep the randomness coming!

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