Monday, October 18, 2010

A Pirate Looks at Two

I wasn't going to wait until my boy was turning forty before I threw him a pirate party. His pirate party came this past weekend to celebrate birthday number two.

He was Captain Thomas, of course.Other pirates were there too. Some Landlubbers. Some Buccaneers. A Scurvy Dog or two showed up. And then there was Thomas' Me Hearty.

Adult pirates: Young pirates:Mommy pirates:

Pirates that were getting into Captain Thomas' rum punch:

Pirate ship cupcakes:

All the pirates left with booty, their very own treasure to take home.
My treasure was hanging from around my neck, and I'm not talking about the gold coin necklace.



Jemsmom said...

How adorable is that????? Looks like you had a wonderful time and what a lucky little guy to have you for a mommy!

Lauren said...

What an AMAZING party, Amy! You did such a lovely job! The children's outfits are fantastic! Best of make a great pirate girl! Way to celebrate!

Jill said...

Aaaaaarg! What a cute party! That's one lucky little boy!

The Starr Family said...

Fun, fun fun...

Its funny, people always suggest that it is more fun to shop for girls, they have adorable clothes. While this may hold true, I do believe that shopping for a boy's birthday party is the most fun! There are so many imaginative ideas and things to create... space, cowboys, dinosaurs, legos, pirates oh my!

You did a fabulous job!

Laura said...

One of our favorite birthday parties ever at this house was the pirate birthday party! (Son #2 invited his lady principal to come, saying, "You won't have to walk the plank - I promise!")

You're such a fun boy mom - Kudos to you!!

LuLu said...

I just love your party! what a wonderful day and memory you gave your son! Outstanding!!

Jo said...

Fabulous ~ by sweet the grins I'd say all the little pirates had a fun time! You did a great job and no detail was left undone. My birthday is coming up ~ care to plan another party ;)


june said...

Cool party idea! Love the decor and special touches! Way to go matey!!!

Samantha said...

Love the pirate party! I think well-done 'theme parties' are my favorite blogs to read about these days. Your 'rum punch' was hilarious. And everyone was so well-dressed. (Although I was hoping to see your Cute Carpenter dressed up as "Hook"!) Happy Birthday Thomas!

:) Samantha

Virginia Belle said...

Such a creative and fun party! I love all of the details. You have one very lucky and adorable son!

Between You and Me said...

just might be the best birthday party ever.
way to go, mom!

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