Monday, November 16, 2009

When you are done remodeling the inside, move outside.

In case you are unaware, the cute carpenter and I have been remodeling our home for the past 3 years. Three years of remodeling. By "remodeling" I do not just mean freshen up with paint remodeling, but scrape off the popcorn ceilings in every room of your house while you're living in it remodeling, and rip out your stairs while you're 7 months pregnant with your third child and you have to use a ladder to get upstairs kind of remodeling, and bust out the concrete foyer with a jack hammer (also while pregnant) kind of remodeling, and gut your family room and kitchen and live without both for 4 months kind of remodeling, and take off the front of your house in 10 degree weather with a newborn in your arms kind of remodeling....okay I will stop there, but if I am being honest, I could go on and on.

Having said all that, we are just about done. Our last room to do was the downstairs master bedroom and bath, and thank you very much it is "just about" done. I refuse to show pictures just yet because the cute carpenter broke my counter top while installing it so the bathroom is still a mess...but soon my friends, soon! What is my reason for all this background? Well, we started remodeling the outside this morning. We have issues. And it turns out that our neighbors actually do live right next door. I mean, RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Maybe we could start eating meals together or having our morning coffee with one another. Why not? They are so conveniently positioned right outside our kitchen. This will take some getting used to. I will continue to post pictures as the outside demolition continues.

PS- For all you peeps out there that may gasp at the sight of these trees coming down, they were diseased and dead and simply had to come down. We had several professionals out to confirm this before we decided to cut them down. No worries...we are planting some much healthier ones back in their place.



Amy S. Norris said...

haha, LOVE it and totally understand. my husband and i love "projects" as well and have been working on ours for the last 2.5 years while trying to live in it, etc. im so over sheetrock dust, sawdust, having my microwave in the bathroom while the kitchen is remodled, having to take the dogs out the front so they don't step on the new sod, carefully sitting on the avocado green toilet that is cracked but isn't in the budget to fix just yet, etc. i get it! i told my husband, maybe the next house when his residency is done we will pay to have someone else do the work (novel idea, right) and have it done BEFORE we move it. :)

sassy seamstress said...

you forgot to mention that this is the second house you've remodeled (while having a newborn or being pregnant). that's the insane part of it all. YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO AND YOU STILL DID IT!!!!! crazy i tell you...just plain crazy!

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