Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The perfect pair of ruffled pants

I have no words for the cuteness level of these pants. We have all seen these darling ruffled pants from Matilda Jane with their high price tag...I refuse to pay that much money for pants that my girls will likely destroy within the first few times of wearing, or outgrow after one season anyways. So my girlfriends and I got together and had a sewing party. I highly recommend you have one too. It was kind of like an assembly line with everyone doing their part to put together these pants for all of our girls.

Photo: Matilda Jane

Here is the sassy seamstress and her sassy sewing room with all her sassy equipment. She just got serger, we are all gitty that she is the one buying the equipment that we will all benefit from. So each of us tucked our kids into bed and showed up at her house with lots of fabric and coffee. The sassy seamstress even made us that yummy pumpkin bread from Williams Sonoma...again, I have no words.

This friend has a monogramming machine, so we let her come over too. Just kidding of course, we happen to adore her, it is just a bonus that she also has the machine!

Notice that there is no picture of me doing anything, that's because I really do not have a part in this assembly line. Originally I was supposed to cut out all the patterns and fabric, but I have messed up too many now that I think I have been fired. I am fine with this. It is kind of like when your husband goes to change a stinky diaper and makes such a mess of it that you just come in and do it for him, that is kind of my plan. Not really girls...wink, wink.



Melissa Stover said...

are you going to post a how to? i'd love to make some.

ntignor said...

You gals are too clever. Where were you all when I had 3 little girls? Keep up the creative work, I love seeing everything!

sassy seamstress said...

you failed to mention that my bonus room does not normally look like this. it was perfectly clean before you guys arrived. :) and we have a job for you...don't you worry. you will be the artist behind all of the appliques. i foresee an applique party in our future...hehe!

sassy seamstress said...

how much do you love me? i fixed it.

Liz Barnett said...

Oh Amy, you are truly the wierdest person I know. But I love you anyway :)

Amy S. Norris said...

amy, i just found you off of someone else's blog...you gotta love some stalking, and of course i fell in love with you first bc of your name. hehe. but secondly, i love that you had a sewing party. i am the friend that has the sewing room and all the equipment, but i LOVE sewing parties! of course, the girls and i never get anything done, we just talk...but we do the coffee and kiddos to bed too. :)

im adding you to my stalking list. hehe.

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