Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Intentionally Listening

Children on a field trip in Montemarte'

My eldest daughter made me stop and take notice of something I take for granted everyday: the words of my kids. They are priceless really, not to mention full of entertainment. Even when they are arguing there is laughter to be had if we are intentionally listening. Here is what has been making me smile and cry over the past two days as I opened my ears and took notice...

Caroline: "Mommy, I want my friend to come over and play. I really like her, but she is really tiny and has a tiny head and small feet."

Ella while playing 'CandyLand': "I know I loose a turn but it is okay, I am just gonna roll with it, I am not upset at all, I am just gonna say okay and just roll right on with it"....who is she trying to convince here?!?!

Caroline: "Mommy, what hurts when your feelings are hurt? Is it your ears?" Me: "No Caroline, it is your heart, your heart hurts if your feelings have been hurt." Caroline: "Not for me, my ears hurt."

Ella saying the blessing: "Thank you God for this food that Mommy picked up for us in the drive thru."

Caroline: "Mommy, please do not give me any of that dirty pineapple. I only want the clean, yellow ones." (She was assuming that any part of the pineapple where its outer layer wasn't perfectly cut off was dirt).

Ella: "Mommy, my friend whose Mom and Dad are dead lives with her Grandma. Who will she live with if her Grandma dies? Can she live with us? I will share my room."

What have your kids been saying to you lately that you hope you never forget?



ntignor said...

You are smart to write this stuff down, you will forget, they are priceless! I have so many things written down that you and your sisters have said, I still repeat a lot of them.

gigiandoliver said...

When my daughter was 4 years old, I told her to stop back talking me...and she said, "I'm not back talking you. I'm front talking you."

When my son was 5 years old, he went to church with his grandparents on Communion Sunday. When the minister was talking about what the red wine symbolized, my son announced, "Yeah. My Pop looooves his red wine."

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