Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Only a freak would put swords in a dedication cupcake!

Dedicating a son to the Lord...much different than dedicating a daughter. What makes it different? We are doing the same thing regardless of gender, yet for some reason my heart had a different kind of gladness. Could it be that in a small back corner of my mind I fear the path a son may be called to take? Not that a daughter cannot to be called to the same thing; but if we raise our sons to be warriors, does it not make sense that a mother may get a flutter in her stomach as she says, "Okay Lord, he is yours, use him mightily for your kingdom".

A very dear friend has told me on several occasions when I start in on my nonsensical fretting, that fear is not the spirit of the Lord. And she is absolutely right. So I suppose I must choose faith, trust and joy and reject the fear that tries to steal me of the others. I also suppose I could have not chosen swords to stick in his dedication cupcakes that we served at the luncheon....that could have something to do with my fear. I have already mentally sent off my ten month old to battle. Sometimes I wonder if I am the weirdest human alive.



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