Monday, November 1, 2010

Friday Night Lights

My sister and her husband live the real life version of the television show Friday Night Lights. My brother-in-law was just named the head football coach in a small town that is serious about their football. Our entire family traveled to his game this weekend so we could watch him in action, and oh what a sight it was. He is the kind of coach that you would want your son to play for. He is intense, enthusiastic, encouraging, and just plain fun. He is the kind of coach that all football coaches should be, and we loved watching him. I had no idea he could jump that high in the air, that many times!
And when our family decides to do something, we do it right. We had shirts made for the event, the girls were "Barnett Babes" and the boys "Barnett Bubbas". It was so much fun.

And because it was Halloween, and because I made their costumes, and because they are so stinkin' cute, I just can't post this blog without showing you my pirates.
One more thing. We have the coolest friends of anyone I know. Have you ever seen a better "Mary Poppins and crew" in all your life? They all looked their part perfectly (the baby was a "spoonful of sugar")! I mean really, can you deal with that?!?!And then this friend I just have no words it! If you have preschoolers that watch Noggin, then you know who he is.Happy November 1st friends.



june said...

Amy,,,,you are a woman after my own heart,,,LOVE the Bubbas and the Babes,,,great idea!!,,,The Pirates are sweeeet,,,some minnie me's going on!
and your right the Mary Poppins family did it right!!! Happy Nov 1st to you!

Richella said...

Oh, Amy. . . what fun! Love the pirate costumes--and the Barnett Babes and Bubbas are just too cute! As for your friends' costumes--why, that Mary Poppins family is practically perfect in every way!

La Maison Fou said...

Just found your blog, enjoyed reading over some entries and some projects.

Jemsmom said...

You have some cute pirates there! You will have to pop over to my blog and see my Renaissance princess! The Mary Poppins crew is perfect! That is a great idea! DJ Lance! That is a man who is confident in who he is!!! Hope you had a great Halloween!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Cute costumes ALL around! And love that you had shirts made for the football game. What a great idea. I'm sure the coach was 'beaming'!

sassy seamstress said...

I don't remember Yo Gabba Gabba being Caucasian??????

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