Monday, September 27, 2010

We retreated

I have told you before that I have a small group of high school girls that meet weekly at my house. I really do not know what you call this group of ours. When people ask what I do with them, I am always at loss for words a bit. Do I "mentor" them? Maybe. Do I "teach" them? Not sure. Do I "listen" to all their stuff? Usually. Do they drink all my milk? Always. So perhaps the most accurate description of what I do is provide milk. Kind of like a cow. Yes, that's what I am to them: their cow. And this weekend we retreated together. They are seniors now, which means only one more year with these girls of mine. This weekend was the kick off to their senior year.

This last picture is my favorite. They were crushin on the worship band all weekend (because that is just what high school girls do) so we took a "groupie" picture with the guys right before we left. I love these girls. I really do. Despite their high-maintenance selves, and my selfish self, God has bonded us. He works through all our sin and selfishness, and accomplishes His will despite it all. He is faithful like that. And though I often view myself as little more than the provider of milk, perhaps that was my purpose all along. And in a spiritual sense, providing milk is where it all begins. For even Paul said to the Corinthians "I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it". There will be time later for steak and potatoes, but for now we are pacing ourselves, one gallon of milk at a time.



Catherine said...

I love this! It made me smile. I love the end where you quote Paul. Quite fitting. :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Amy! I totally love that you are investing in these girls' lives like this. We have become so close to our baby-sitter over the past few years and as she is a Believer and her parent's are not, we feel that extra sense of needing to support and pour into her. She just left for college and I love that she has been texting me with updates! Thanks for sharing this,

Becca said...

Hi Amy, it's been awhile! Your home is still gorgeous, and your kiddos are precious! And, how wonderful that you are having such a positive impact on these girls! You can tell by one of the pics that they adore you. I'd love to get involved with something like this ... thanks for being so inspirational. *Becca* (Adventures in Decorating)

Laura said...

Very cool! There's nothing like high school girls, especially if you don't have any at home. What a great investment you're making.

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