Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A high privilege?

Being a mother is a high privilege, but it doesn't always feel that way. And in the midst of my current parenting struggle, I am reminded of Jesus' mother Mary. When the angel Gabriel promised the birth of Jesus to Mary, he proclaimed that she was highly favored (Luke 1:28). But then there came the time when Simeon prophesied about Jesus' life, and told Mary that one day a sword would pierce through her very own soul (Luke 2:35). I wonder which truth Mary was pondering as she watched her son die on a cross? That of a high privilege? Or that of a her heart that was feeling the agony of a sharp pierce?

Though the example is indeed an extreme one, the illustration is still clear. A high calling, or a high privilege, doesn't always translate into joy and happiness. Please do not misunderstand. God is always working for the good of those that love Him, and God is always in favor of those that fear Him, and God does indeed promise eternal joy and peace...but He has never promised an "easy calling" here on this earth. In fact, I dare say He never has. For He doesn't call us to that which we can accomplish on our own. We are called to that which must be done by and through Him. We are called to that which will reveal His glory, and His power, and His strength, and His ability...not our own. So why is it that we as parents sometimes forget this in our parenting? For the high privilege of raising a child, must first begin in the low posture of praying for grace and strength and mercy and wisdom.

Are you struggling in this privileged walk through parenthood? This last month has been an ongoing struggle for me, and just this week I finally dead-ended on a street that has brought me face to face with my own limitations. As it turns out, I am not the perfect parent that my kids are in need of. A shocking revelation...I know. But thankfully, He never intended for me to play that part in His script of my life. And instead of me desperately trying to play a false role, He would rather I just sit at the foot of the cross and ask for His strength to do it right.

Have you rested from all your parental laboring at the foot of the cross lately? You would have lots of company there, if you chose to come and stay awhile. I dare say that mothers make up the majority of the population sitting in the dirt at the cross. And in this instance, it's a good thing to be a needy, desperate, broken woman. As long as what you are needy, and desperate, and broken for is the One who can fulfill your every need. Come join us beneath the cross.



jojo said...

beautiful post. I am always inspired when I visit here...thank you!

Ashley @ The Hillside Home said...

what an amazing reminder.

Richella said...

Wow, Amy! This is a wonderful, wonderful post! I think my favorite sentence is this one: I dare say that mothers make up the majority of the population sitting in the dirt at the cross. My goodness, you sweet woman--that's inspired writing. Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully.

Amen, sister. Amen.

Kiersten Johnson said...

Thank you Amy! I needed this post. I am a 26 year old going to school so I live at home. My parents have now taken in my sister's son who lives with us while his mom lives in another state. I now am a part of raising this child which I love. The problem is that he is very hurtful to me. Nothing I do seems to work or help. I try to find something that shows me that I am doing something right. But all he does is say hurtful things or fights me on everything. He has many issues that are not being addressed so I have to live with those problems.

So thank you for the encouraging words! No one can really understand my struggles with raising a nephew who treats me a very hurtful way. But I know that the Lord is calling me to help raise him. Even when I don't know what else to do I just need to remember that it is my calling.

So thank you for your beautiful message! I absolutely love your blog and would so loved to have coffee with you if I lived close to you.

Between You and Me said...

you will find me there with you.
parenting shows me my great need for Jesus to fill up every corner..every piece of my heart with his grace.

I get a chance every single day to ask forgiveness from my children...I need JESUS in the most desperate of ways when it comes to parenting my babies...thanks for this heart-felt post...
you pray for me...and I'll pray for you, friend!

Laura said...

I'm with you, Amy -- sitting in a broken heap at the foot of the cross.

You're so right. He doesn't ask us to BE God, and we so try to do that.

Thanks for this heartfelt post, Amy.

Playing Sublimely said...

Kiersten, Thank you so much for writing, what a sweet 26 year old you seem to be :)! I too wish we could sit and talk over a pumpkin spice latte :)! I will pray for you...

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What a beautifully written and inspiring post Amy. Being a mother can be so hard and we certainly need God's guidance to help us along.

Best wishes :)

Amanda said...

Thanks. After a particuarly rough parenting day, I needed that and can relate to your struggles...blessings to you - love your blog.

Lana K. W. Austin said...

YES! Thank you for a wonderful post. I have been quite lucky that until just the past couple of years parenting was easy for me. My oldest daughter (I'm 39 now and had my 16 year old when I was only 22--I married my husband the year after he graduated from college and while I was still a college jr. and had Alex a year and a few months after & then we waited and had our 7 year old and 4 year old a little later) was not just easy, but so sweet and fun and full of light and on top of that a genius gifted child with all of her performing/singing/composition talents & immense intelligence in school where they skipped her a couple of years. What a blast she was! And then puberty...and then tougher classes where she might actually have to concentrate instead of just skimming, challenges instead of always already knowing everything and then boys and texting and Facebook & DRIVING (HORROR!)'s not so easy any more. She's still not a bad kid by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not easy anymore. And the worst part? I'm not always liking her anymore, which is a horrific feeling. I sometimes take her defiance personally, when in fact it's only normal for her to test and learn in this phase. Of course I still love her, but I'm sometimes SO FRUSTRATED.
And I hate it that it's so cliche!
So, I've been spending TONS of time at the foot of the cross clinging to Jesus' promise that all will be reconciled via Him, that there is a purpose for everything and even our most trying times will bring Him glory!
I have to keep reminding myself that she's not really mine anyway! She's always been His! I've been given a precious but sometimes arduous task, but I know it's an honor!
So, your post completely hit home!

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked over from Billy Coffey's. Read a couple of your posts. Can see that this blog is largely for lady readers, but had to make a comment on this one.

Your statement, "A high calling, or a high privilege, doesn't always translate into joy and happiness" is profound. I just did a lesson recently on "Holiness or Happiness." God calls us to be holy. I think he wants us to be happy, too, but that is secondary to holiness. Sometimes the path to holiness is strewn with self-discipline, hard work, and even suffering. Just think of Jesus.

Many Christians think something is wrong in their life if they aren't happy all the time. Truth is, they might be right on target for the journey to holiness that God has for them. Happiness will come sometime. Right now, we have ot meet Jesus. And the central meeting place is ... a cross.

Great post. Enjoyed the visit. If you get a chance, please check out my blog, Family Fountain. wb

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