Monday, August 2, 2010

Are we missing The Creator in the creation?

It is difficult for me to imagine vacation to look much different than an ocean crashing against a sandy seashore. For me it is nearly impossible to separate the two, as having time to unwind so often accompanies the sun and surf. I suppose I could blame it on my upbringing. I was raised in a coastal town, and I spent every summer with my toes in the sand. I know what it means to love the beach and long for it's quietude.

But while flipping through a magazine on my most recent visit to the shore, I came across an article that I immediately began reading too much into, and therefore allowing it to burden me in a way that the author certainly never intended. She was calling her readers to spend time this summer acknowledging the wonders of the coastline and to "renew our bond with the beach". She described our beaches as "beautiful and peaceful, strong and majestic, alluring and rejuvenating". Though I do understand the spirit in which she was writing, and though I cautioned myself at being overly cynical and critical, I couldn't help but want to scream "the creation is but a reflection of the Creator!". Yes, the coastline is peaceful and majestic and strong, but it is such things because it was intended to show that which is our God. Our calling to a bond is not with the ocean in all it's majesty, but to the One that is majestic. We are not called to the peaceful and rejuvenating waters of the sea, but to the One that is able to rejuvenate with an everlasting peace. We mix this up so often. I look around at all the blessings that God has poured out over me, and I often find myself unintentionally worshiping the blessings rather than the One that has given them. It is so easy to do if we are not diligent to guard ourselves from it.

I long for quite time at the beach every summer, but if I am not careful I will end up walking away unfulfilled. Because to experience the ocean without experiencing and knowing it's Creator, is to miss the point. To sit on the beach and not remember that we are but a speck of sand in God's story, yet know and trust that He still loves and cares for us, is to miss the point. To watch the waves crashing against the shore and to not remember that Jesus walked across them and then calmed the waves by simply speaking, is to entirely miss the point of the waves existence all together. To sit on the beach and not be moved by the Creator, is to just sit in the sand and get hot and sweaty.

And of course, all this wonder isn't reserved for only the coast. To see a rainbow and not remember His promise is to miss the blessing.
To see a full moon rise over the heads of your children, and to not acknowledge His power and authority, is to entirely miss an opportunity to be humbled.

And to watch a sunset in your backyard and not faithfully trust that the sun will rise again tomorrow (after all, the sun is but a copycat of The Son who rose again just like He said) is to completely miss an opportunity to worship.

To miss the glory of the Creator in all the glory of the creation, is to just miss the point. If you visit the beach this summer and attempt to renew your bond with the sand, it is going to leave you still longing for something more. Renew it instead with the One that spread the sand against the shoreline, the One that filled the sea with water, and then your thirst for peace will be quenched.
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Between You and Me said...

absolutely, positively, beautifully written.

ntignor said...


Vanessa said...

Oh I soooo agree Amy! And, when our children say, "mommy, look at that!" it is our opportunity to point them to the Creator of the universe and remind them that He who made the stars to hang in the sky also made them and cares about them and knows evey hair on their head! Thank you for the reminder and the great start to the week!

Studio JRU said...

Love this post!! "The creation is but a reflection of the Creator!"... that is *exactly* what my monthly "Glimpse" posts on my blog are about! I just posted it yesterday and you can link up a Glimpse post all week. I would love to have you join! :)


LuLu said...

What a beautiful post! Such a great point you made and written perfectly!

Jemsmom said...
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Jemsmom said...

What a perfect post. How can anyone sit at the beach and not be inspired and awed at the beauty that only God created. I never let that opportunity go by without saying a prayer of thanks. Your pictures are just gorgeous. That sunset picture reminds me of the other day. We witnessed a gorgeous sunset on the drive to Tennessee and Jemma said, "Mommy, God is the bestest artist in the whole world!" How true! :-)

decdiva1 said...

thanks for the awesome reminder of an AWESOME GOD! who loves and cares for us whether we pay attention to Him or not. thank-you. ~DD

Melissa said...

amy, great great post. i love your truthfulness in pointing us to Christ. You're so right, He is the great One. He is the only One who will not leave us empty handed. The sand (as much as I love to sit in it) will just fall through our fingers.

The Wishful Lamb said...

I am a proud Atheist, but I do love your pics. Nature is amazing!

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