Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simple Elegance

Everywhere I go I pay attention details, I love them. While I'm sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office, I am noticing how the chairs are set up. Or while watching a movie, I tend to pay more attention to the set design than I do the characters (unless the character is Russell Crowe...did I just type that ;)). Or while shopping, I will spend more time admiring the decorative wall finishes in Anthropologie than I do the clothing. I like details. So this past spring while attending an auction for my daughter's school, I flipped out over this simple arrangement. Can you call sticks in a vase an arrangement? It was so simple, yet so elegant. A local decorator had crafted the ensemble as decorations for the table tops at this event. She might be the smartest girl I know.

So I copied her and made my own...and you can too. All you need are sticks, color dyed moss (mine is chartreuse), and a glue gun. How stinkin' pretty is that sitting in my dining room?

Here is another, much more lopsided view:

This moss is the coolest color. I bought mine at a local garden type shop, but I have seen something very similar at JoAnn Fabrics. One of my girlfriend's already went out and bought some for a wreath for her front door. Oh the possibilities.

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Carmen said...

I love this look too. So simple and stylish. It looks great in your dining room.

Pink Dreaming said...

they called it reindeer moss....after i paid $20 for my bag, i saw it for less than $4 at joann's

Traci Michele said...

oooooohhh pretty

Traci said...

So I just found your blog through Vanessa's, who featured you. I just found her too! Anyway, I love all the house stuff!! I'm going back & reading all about your remodel.

Gypsy Heart said...

Love it! You did a beautiful job ~ and yes, I really like that color of moss too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jo said...

Love the simplistic beauty!


Sweet Nest said...

This is a cute idea! :)

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