Friday, July 16, 2010

My cup runneth over...literally!

My two sisters are cheating on me. They are hanging out with one another and taking pictures...pretty much my two favorite things to do. The three of us girls live far apart from one another, and between the three of us we have 10 children, thus making life very busy and our time together rare.

My older sister is a photographer, and I believe with all my heart that God gifted her with this talent solely for my own personal convenience. The "My Cup Runneth Over" photograph has kind of become her thing when photographing this age child. I wish I could have been there to see them place my nephew Asher in the big cup. He will be the last of our 10 offspring to sit his tiny rear end in the cup...a little bittersweet.

Do you have a particular photograph of your children that you cherish a little more than all the 9 million others? If you do, tell me what it is, I am a photograph junkie and would love to hear! Even better, if you have a link to the photograph or the photographer, won't you please leave it in the comments so I can check it out?

May your weekend runneth over with something great...



Sheri said...

What a beautiful shot!!! Your sister is very talented!

Big Boops said...

My most treasured picture to date is one of my daughter standing by her princess potty. You can make out the faint hint of yellow in the pot part and she is just beaming and pointing to it. There is no question how proud or excited she is. It just makes my heart swell when I think that only two years ago I was imagining what she would look like. And already she is so excited to show me what a "big girl" she is. And you know what? She IS a big girl and I'm so proud of her!

Dorothy Adamek said...

What a beautiful photo!
My favorite is a photo of my daughter age 18 months in her daddy's jumbo sized sneakers. Still very cute after 17 years... with that little hint of bitter-sweetness that comes with the passing of time... sigh :)
Dorothy :) said...

Your sister has a great eye for pictures. I love the idea of photographing each of your children in the same way (i.e. in an oversized mug, soo cute). I'll have to keep this in the old memory bank for when I have my own children someday.

Jemsmom said...

I love this post! It made me post my favorite pictures! You can see it here at

I love the picture of your nephew in the giant mug! I am about to do my first "photo shoot" for my neighbors and their 6 week old. I will have to keep this in mind when she is a little bit bigger! Too cute! Hope you have a great weekend also!

Kat said...

I love that picture that my beautiful friend took of your nephew. So sweet. Here is the link to some of my favs. Most were taken by a dear friend, Becky Danzenbaker. Some others were taken by a friend on a weekend trip to the beach and the last one is of my husband. When I look at that picture I am reminded of his sacrifices for others. My favorite photos are always the ones that catch my children just loving on each other.

paige said...

hi amy!
it's so nice to meet you. i just took a moment to read some of the comments over at emily's & wanted to say hello.
9 million others? i'm so with you!
i took some photos of my little one ( she's the trooper for her mama's constant need to photograph) and i love how they turned out. i haven't posted them yet....adding you to my google reader today :)

paige said...

ps--just read your bio... same favorite movie, (named my golden retriever brinkley) and i love hazelnut creamer too

Andrew and Meagan said...

such a precious picture!

Lana K. W. Austin said...

This is an amazing picture. Techno loser that I am I'll have to scan my fave photo of Kate....or find the link of my Thomas at the piano and post it here later!!
Hugs, Lana

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