Monday, December 7, 2009

A snails pace, but getting closer to done

Remember about 7 months ago when I said we were getting ready to start remodeling stuff again, specifically our master bedroom and bathroom that has been serving as a garage for the past 3 years. I was kind of dreading the project, kind of excited, and feeling guilty about feeling both. Well we are almost done. So now is the fun part where I get to try and make everything come together and all pretty like, except I don't have any time to do that because I have three children and one of them is a crawling terrorist. I am starting with this built in we have in the corner of the bedroom. I am not a fan of bookshelves because I never know what to put on them, I certainly do not have enough books to fill up the 3 shelves we have throughout the house.

So here is the before, we will see what I come up with. I wish there was a bookshelf fairy somewhere that would come and do it for me. Please note what the hubby has placed on the shelf, his speakers from high school. He says he wants music in the room. He is not understanding that music in the room is not what I am opposed to, it is the 1994 boom box speakers that he really thinks look pretty good sitting on that pretty little is a crime.

Speaking of crimes, also note where the air compressor is resting. Could we not find a drop cloth? Why the monogrammed towel? A sense of humor has certainly been required during this process.



Amy S. Norris said...

while i am laughing...i know EXACTLY what you mean. you and i need to live in the same towns, sounds like our hubbies would be fast friends. and between the two of us, we could write some serious books on renos!

Terri said...

I came over from your link today on Chatting at the Sky and am really enjoying your blog!!! This post really made me laugh because my hubby would do exactly the same thing --- use my good towels! Mercy!! If you are stuck with those speakers, maybe your handy husband could build you a little frame that sits inside that shelf. You can staple some pretty fabric to it and use it as a screen in front of the speakers to hide them. Blessings!

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