Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Psychedelic Christmas Swap

She stood so proud on the table; wings out as if she were ready to take flight, lighting up psychedelic shades of purple, green and yellow. She stood more glorious than the marsh mellow cookie jar with a Hershey kiss on it's head, yet she was overlooked. She stood next to the cowboy boot salt and pepper shakers, but still no one noticed her splendor. She stood in all her beauty next to the 1943 Santa cookie tin, but even still she was not chosen.

Why did no one choose her from the Christmas swap table? How could they not appreciate that she was so perfectly doing exactly what she was created to do? I suppose it was because her colors were too flashy, too ostentatious. Perhaps it was because they thought her gown too shiny and satiny. Perhaps it was because they knew she had previously been a gift from a man in the mafia, that she had likely been used to help smuggle drugs and that her dress at one time may have had illegal substances stuffed up inside it. Who can know for sure?

Whatever their reasons for overlooking this Beauty, she was indeed overlooked. No one wanted her at the Christmas Swap I attended last Sunday. So I brought her back home. Though she was ashamed, she managed to swallow her pride and light up in all her psychedelic glory on the bedside table in my girls room. They couldn't be more pleased, and neither could she.



Mary said...

Bless Her!

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