Thursday, March 4, 2010

So you liked those silhouettes huh?

I received lots of emails about this silhouette of my girls. Isn't it so fun! They are some of my most favorite "things" around my house. Lena at has done all of ours. I have a few from when my girls were younger, and then last year I had the one you see above done of the two of them together. Lena is very talented, and she can work with most any squirming child. She travels around often, working out of boutiques and stores, but you can also mail in your photograph and she will send you the finished silhouette in the mail. I highly recommend them and her. Now if I could just get the dude to hold still...he is not nearly as cooperative as the girls were!

On another note, thank you for all your kind words about our little dog. I had closed the comments on my original post because I was feeling so guilty about being so sad over a dog; but if I am being honest, your sweet emails did indeed make me feel better. Thank you.




Jemsmom said...

I am all over that!! I love those!

I felt kind of bad sending you an email about Matty when I later thought they maybe you didn't want any messages hence the closed posting, so I did want to apologize if I overstepped my bounds! I just worry about our Murphy and wanted you to know that I felt for you!

I am so in love with your house. We are having a big built in cabinet done and I hope and pray that I like it there. I am almost finished with the trip post so I can do some of my home stuff.

I am having a hard time deciding how to decorate. I thought maybe I should do it like the wedding on the Today show. Show the room, have people post ideas, then we all vote for the best! Tom may faint, but hey, it would be interesting!!!

Have a great weekend! I am off to Disney to run in my first 5K! My girlfriend is turning 40 and wants to do this as her "birthday party". I don't know what I am thinking, but I am giving it a go! This will be the second time ever that I have been away from Jemma and the one time I was it was only for one night! Yikes! I am sure I will be fine!! :-)

Kathysue said...

Hi Amy, I just went on your house tour over at Rhoda's. I am totally impressed with the transformation of your home. I am a silhouette nut. I had my boys done everytime we went to Disney land and just had them put it on the reverse so the Disneyland name was not on them. I had them professionally framed and they are one of my most precious items.Love yours, I will have to check out the lady that did yours, Kathysue

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