Monday, March 15, 2010

Just like old times

This is my friend Jessica doing what she does best, being emotional. She is getting ready to get married, and we are not certain how she is going to stay alive until her wedding day due to all the liquid she is going to lose in the form of tears between now and then. I got to go hang with my college girls over the weekend at a shower for our Jessica. Do you have friends that you haven't seen in years, and then as soon as you get back together it's like you're back in college again, sitting on a couch talking girly talk. Only now the talk isn't about classes or boys or sororities; it's about husbands and work and babies and "can you believe this is what 'my body' looks like after nursing these kids of mine" know what I mean. Everybody needs girls like these. Girls that love you despite yourself. Girls that can tease one another without fear of hurting feelings and can talk real with each other without fear of judgement. Those kind of girls are a breath of fresh air for the soul, and that's what these girls are to me.

And just like old times, we had out our cameras in hopes of getting a 'perfect' picture. And just like old times, we took 20 of them and then vainly looked at each to be critical of ourselves.

Here we were distracted:
Here we were laughing at the absurdity of what we were being distracted over:

Here Blair said her arm looked "weird":
The picture taker told us to raise up our chins more...why? That just looks strange and I look like a turtle desperately trying to get its' head out of its' shell:
Though Jessica fears she has "pirate eye" and my hair resembles a football helmet in this picture...we decided this was the best:
At one point during the shower, Jessica oh so casually tells me that Style Me Pretty: The Blog, will be featuring her June wedding at the beach. Ummmmm....excuse me?!?!? I can't deal. I think it kind of might feel like a celebrity wedding; and that very real, professional blog is going to hate me by the end of the wedding as I intend on recording the entire thing with my camera for my very pretend, non-professional blog. Aren't you excited?
One more thing, if you were one of the people that emailed me about a tutorial for the Emerson knock off flowers, go back and check the end of that post from Friday, I added a link to the tutorial I used. Have fun!



Kathysue said...

Amy what a fun weekend and good friends are just that way. It is like you were never seperated by time or space, you just pick up like you saw them yesterday. It will be fun to see her wedding and I think your blog looks very professional, by the way! I love it,Kathysue

Jemsmom said...

Girlfriends keep us young and happy!! I am blessed with best girlfriends from each stage of my life. There is Chris who I have known forever. Our grandmothers were best friends and she is the one who is ALWAYS there for me. Just two weekends ago, we met at Disney to run a 5K for her 40th birthday! There is Christine who is my college bestie. We were sorority sisters and our personalities were night and day. We keep each other grounded. Then there is Suzanne who I taught with for 5 years. She is the kindest, sweetest, smartest person I know. She lives in London and we get together as often as we can, but it isn't nearly enough! Then I have Michelle who was my neighbor from Michigan. I swear we were sisters separated at birth. I know that I am who I am today partly because of my friendships with these ladies.

Can't wait to see the wedding pics! That will be so much fun!!! You will have to check out my blog! I am in the real world of blogging now and actually did a link!! Wooo hooo! The picture at the top is Jemma's new pictures we had done by a new photographer in the area. He really captured her little personality!

sara said...

Looks like it was a lovely wedding filled with lots of laughter and good friends! I love the series of photographs of you and your girlfriends laughing. Every woman should be blessed with such good friends in her life - I know I'm thankful for mine!

Shady Lady! said...

Love getting together with my college gals!

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